Integrate with your Business

  • Host service on your own Sub Domain
  • Initiate Text Chat from any of your existing Web Pages
  • Add your own messaging, branding, terms etc
  • Auto Login customers by passing parameters from your System
  • Pass additional info like Customer ID, Account No, Policy ID
  • Option of OTP based Mobile Number Authentication
  • Add a Link of the Chat page to your Core Banking Systems
  • Store Data by tagging it with additional information
Integrate with your System
Customer logins to a Portal owned by the Bank
Agent initiates a Video call, and completes the Video KYC Process
Post finishing the steps, clicks on Start Video KYC
New Webpage opens, and the Bank system passes a unique identifier of the User
(API – Background Process)
Agent initiates a Video call, and completes the Video KYC Process
Customer and Agent start Text Chat
Agent gets a New Chat Notification saying ‘Amar Saxena has started a chat’
UI will take the identifier, and use a Round Robin Rule System to find a free Agent to connect the Customer
(Background Process)
Post the Video KYC is done, the User can just close the Window, and go to the Bank’s Portal for any further steps
The Text, Files and Video data of that User is made available to the Bank tagged with the Customer’s Identifier
(Background Process)
A Web page of the complete Chat is also passed to the Bank system with the unique Identifier
(Background Process)
The data will be accessible on that page till the time Bank wants to keep it

Hosting and Data Management

  • Servers hosted with AWS Mumbai Region
  • Attach your own S3 (Storage Device) for Files and Videos
  • Private Cloud option available for Enterprise Customers on AWS
  • Data Encrypted in Transit and at Rest uses the amazon web services
integrate Enterprise Management Integrate with your Systems and more

Enterprise Management

  • Manage Employee Accounts through an Admin Panel
  • Unique Username and Password for each employee
  • No access to account post employee exits the company
  • Internal One to One and Group Chat between employees