User Management

  • Browser based Video calling service
  • Works on a browser on Desktop and Mobile
  • No Registration or App download required for the Guest User / Customer / Candidate
  • Registered Account for the Employee, with an Admin managed panel
  • Registered Employee can access Chat through Web or Mobile

Guest User and Employee Handshake

  • Guest User just has to open a link in a Browser and get connected to the Employee
  • Link can be specific to a Registered Employee or can be through a Round Robin system
  • Multiple rules for round robin system like Date and Time, Availability, Device, Number of Active users etc
  • Connect Guest User to a Group Chat instead of an Individual Employee


  • Text Chat, File Sharing, Audio calling and Video calling
  • One way and Two way Video Recording
  • Live Screenshot capture
  • Get Customer Location with Google Maps
  • Block file upload from Employee side (Optional)
  • Add multiple internal employees to the Guest Chat
  • Share Files, Images and Videos with other Internal Employees
  • Guest User can use back Camera on Mobile


  • Add the Guest User entry point to your Web Page
  • Pass additional parameters from your system like Account Number, Customer ID etc
  • Store Files, Images and Video by tagging them to additional parameters
  • Pass data from the storage to any other system
  • Add additional step of authentication the Guest user using Mobile Number OTP
  • Add Captcha to Gust User Entry page

Hosting and Data Security

  • Admin Panel to manage Employee Accounts
  • VideoApps.io hosted with AWS Mumbai Region
  • Private Cloud hosting option available
  • Hybrid option of application server our cloud, and storage on your S3 device