Link for the Customer / Candidate

  1. How will a Customer or Candidate connect with an Employee?

    Customer has to open a link in the Browser to connect with an Employee. The link can be specific to an Employee, or can be a Generic Link to connect to a group of Employees through a Round Robin system.

  2. How can we make the Generic Link?

    The Generic link is made from the backend. So please write to us to for further details.

  3. Can the link have specific time duration in the day, when it is active?

    Yes. The Chat service on the link can be kept active for a specific time slot in the day.

  4. Can we add more fields for the Customer to enter along with the Name?

    Yes. More fields can be added before the Customer connects with the Employee.

  5. Can the Customer initiate a Chat directly from any other system?

    Yes. Integration with other systems is possible on a case to case basis.


  1. Which all devices does the Video calling work from?

    • Desktop and Laptops with Windows 64 & 32 Bit
    • Mobile Devices- Android 5.x and above
    • Any device that use Google Chrome Latest Versions from 71.x, 72.x onwards.
    • Video calling will not work on iOS devices, but text chat and file sharing will work
    • Others Browsers like Firefox, Safari, Edge and IE11 will support text chat & file sharing, but not video calling

  2. What is the minimum bandwidth required for the Video to work?

    There is no threshold that is being set for the Video to work. However a good quality video is achieved beyond 512 kbps speeds.

  3. Do I need an additional plugin or software for the Video to work?

    No. Only Google Chrome latest version is required for the video to work.

  4. Can the Employee access the Chat from my Mobile Phone?

    Yes. The Employee side login has a Mobile App as well, where the text chat will be synced. Video calling through Mobile App is not available right now.

Video Calling, Screenshots and Recording

  1. How many users can be on One Video Call?

    As of now the Video calling can be done only between 2 users.

  2. Whats the maximum duration of a Video Recording?

    The maximum duration that a Video can be recorded for is 1 hour.

  3. Can I download and view the recorded videos online?

    Yes. You can view the Video Online, as well as Download it on your Laptop in MP4 format.

  4. How can I save Screenshots while connected on Video?

    You can just click the Save Screenshot button and an image of the Live Video Feed will be uploaded in your Chat as an image.

  5. Can I download and view the screenshots online?

    Yes. You can download the Screenshot to your Laptop and Views it Online as well.

  6. Can I delete a Video or Screenshot from the Chat?

    No. Once uploaded, you cannot delete the Screenshot or Recorded Video.

Customer Location

  1. How can I get the location of the Customer?

    The Customer will have an option in the chat called 'Share my Location'

  2. How accurate would the location be?

    The location is derived using a Google Maps Service and is accurate to 25 meters radius.

  3. Can I take the Customer’s location without any action from the Customer?

    No. There is no way to detect the Customer's location automatically. The Customer has to click on the Share my Location button.

Access and Settings

  1. How is the access managed at the Employee's end?

    The Organization will have an Admin who will add / remove employees to the account.